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None of your business

When my boys were younger my husband owned a sign company and to advertise for his giant size prints, he wrapped our full-size van in a dinosaur graphic.

It made me very popular with the elementary age set.

Teenagers and other drivers would shake their heads, point, and laugh, and I wondered at times what they thought?

That I have confidence?

That I’m fun?

That I have an interesting life?

That I have a lot of kids?

That my husband is in a creative job?

What if they thought negatively about me and were “judgey” about my dino van?

So What!?!

It doesn’t matter what other people think of you. What matters is what you think of you.

We tell our kids this, but do we believe it for our own lives?

At this point in life, I sure hope you do.

I’m not saying you need to drive a car with a dinosaur plastered on it to learn this lesson, but you do need to know whatever car you drive, or how your children “turn out,” or what you wear, or what your politics are doesn’t matter, or it does matter… depending on your thoughts around it.

Everything is a circumstance-- neither good nor bad until you have a thought about it.

Circumstances just are. Understanding the Think/Feel/Act cycle that occurs around the circumstance is EVERYTHING.

What other people think of you is none of your business.

Take care,


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