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Finally, a solution that's not positive thinking or another to-do list.  I'm teaching you something no one else does.

Your life, Your Choice.

Did you think life was going to be different? You raised your kids, you've worked and worked, you are at midlife and you thought it would be better.  But it's not. You don't know what to do next?  Let's fix that.  I'll show you how to get rid of worry, overwhelm and procrastination FOREVER and have THE confident life you really want.  Are you ready to feel better?  To find your purpose?  Let me coach you.

Learn how to manage your thinking and move into a life you love.

Experienced Life Coach

 I am a certified Life Coach from the Life Coach School.  Through tools I have learned and applied, I have stopped worrying and feeling guilty about what I was or wasn't doing in my life. I have found purpose at mid-life and it has brought me confidence, excitement and energy that I want you to have.  My relationships are so much better and so is my mental health. I can handle challenges and I'm creating the future that I want.  My life feels so good!  Yours can too.

Turns out your brain isn't the problem, it's the answer.

Coaching Support That Makes a Difference


Guidance & Inspiration

Embrace Life’s Challenges

  • 60-minute personalized weekly coaching sessions. 

  • Face to face online coaching through ZOOM so you can live anywhere, you just need internet.

  • Flexible scheduling.

  • Worksheets and content to help you on your way to feeling good and thinking clearer.

  • Daily access to coaching from me through text and email.

  • 100% money back guarantee if you work the program and don't find success.  No questions asked.

Find out if Life Coaching is a good fit for you.

Hey, stop feeling sorry for yourself.  Do this for YOU.  Now's the time to start.  Shoot me an email if you have questions:


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