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Peggy R.

Lexi E.

Barbara S.

Melinda is a remarkable Life Coach, and she has made a difference to me in the way I view my brain, and how it works. Melinda showed me new ways of looking at challenges, and a practical way to sort through choices I have before me. She is someone who understands that life always moves forward, and she can always spot the good in life. Melinda is extremely easy to talk to and is an expert at providing a listening ear without judgment or agenda. Melinda can see the bright side of life, but also realizes the 50/50 balance that life presents. 

In all ways, I recommend her as a Life Coach who can provide a path to new thoughts and new results. 

                   Lora  E.

Thank you for the wonderful conversation.  What a blessing it has been to me every day since we talked.  You gave me exactly the direction, advice, and validation I needed to move forward toward healing and happiness.  Life coaching is a gift, and I'm so glad you are willing to share it.  You're the best!

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