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Life and tubing....


We took the Grandkids tubing. It's always an experience. Oh, they love sitting with Papa Wayne and speeding down the slippery, snowy hill but climbing back up to the top to do it again, is always a struggle. So much like life right? It's fun and easy one minute and feels hard and uphill the next. I used to think when I was in the hard part of my life that I was doing it wrong. That if I could just be better organized, a better mom, a better money saver, a better house-cleaner, a better wife, a better friend, thinner, prettier, then my life would be smooth and easy. NOW I realize how misguided these thoughts were. Life is supposed to be hard sometimes. Even for Jennifer Anniston and George Clooney. I can beat myself up because I'm not BETTER or I can accept life is hard and easy, fun and boring, loving and unkind, summer and winter.... and that's exactly how it's supposed to be. Accept all of it. Embrace all of it. Just keep climbing up that snowy hill, because it's going to be a riot sliding back down.

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