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I hit my 50's and my life looked different than I thought it would.   My parents were dying, I had health issues, I was having problems in my relationships.  I was wanting to love my spouse again and not just exist together; wanting to get along with my children and new in-law children better.  Wanting to be excited about working or even retiring, but I wasn't.  Wanting to find the time and the energy to do all the things required of me, yet just not feeling it. Wanting to make peace with food and diet.  Wanting to not stress about money.   I didn't know how to do better with any of this.  I didn't know where to turn besides reading  "be more positive" memes and inspirational quotes that make their rounds on the internet.   Do you relate?


Here's what I did that changed everything-- I found the MODEL. This is a new way to look at what was happening with my thoughts and feelings, with tools to make real change happen.   And now every day instead of waking up blah - with feelings of I guess this is as good as it gets, I wake up with BAM - I love my life!

And one more thing... I love to speak.  If you have a function that needs a "get unstuck" type of speech, email me.