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What does it feel like? - 

What does it feel like when your son tells you he's gay? 

Your heart starts racing and you can't catch your breath.

Tears spring to your eyes...and you can't stop them.

All current hopes and dreams disappear.

Everything runs in slow motion.

You want him to take the words and stuff them back in his mouth so the future doesn't have to be altered...but the words hang in the air....

Everything is different and everything is the same.

When my children came out, I was in a lot of pain, even though I have a lesbian sister.  It was different as a mom. What had I done wrong?   


One of my sons came out the end of his high school years, we thought it was a "choice" back then, and we did everything wrong.  When my second son came out after serving an LDS mission, we knew it was how he was born, how he was wired and we were a lot better in just loving and turning it all over to God.    

Here's what I did that changed everything-- I found the MODEL. This is a new way to look at what was happening with my thoughts and feelings, with tools to make real change happen. 


I love my sons, my sister, my trans friend and all of GOD's creations.  I'm out of shame, worry and fear.  You can have this too!

And one more thing... I love to speak.  If you have a function that needs a "LOVE is the answer" type of presentation, email me.