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When life body slams you check your thoughts.

I went winter hiking up a beautiful canyon Saturday morning. The snow was fresh.  We blazed the trail and the blue sky made everything sparkle. (I didn’t even know I enjoyed winter hiking until this year and with the right equipment and clothing, it really is exhilarating.) I hiked up the canyon with four other adventurous women.  We saw many bobcat and elk tracks, gazed at frozen waterfalls, and we made snow angels.

   About a mile and a half up, there is a wonderful tree swing that is just begging to be used.  I climbed up to a small rock landing to swing on the swing. This was totally doable for me and so fun!   One of the ladies said, “Let’s do a time-lapse video of all of us swinging off of the taller rock landing. I will help you.” So I succumbed and went to the higher rock with Marie to help me. 

   Marie held the rope between my legs, while I struggled to get the wooden 4X4 seat between them. At some point Marie let go of the rope, thinking I was ready, which I was NOT!  The wood beam shot out from between my legs. I swung forward and did a lovely slow-motion dive into the snow. (We got it all on video of course.) Everyone laughed. Thank goodness for a fluffy-white-snow landing.  

The good news is I wasn’t hurt-- which is glorious. The better news is I climbed back up to the taller rock and did it again, successfully this time.  The BEST news is…. there’s a life lesson in all of this.

I know you are thinking “try try again,“ which is a good one, but this week I’m going with circumstances vs. thoughts.

The circumstance was I didn’t get on the swing correctly and fell into the snow.

My thoughts could have gone to many different places at this point including I’m so dumb.  I’m so embarrassed.  Why do I try new things? I wish I was stronger.  This shouldn’t be that hard. I’m too old for this. 


These thoughts would NEVER serve me or lead me to a full, FUN, fulfilling life.


While lying in the snow, after a body check to see if I was all okay, my thoughts were- That was crazy!  This is so funny, I can't wait to see the video. I’m going to try this again and do it.  I can't wait to share this story with my family, they will laugh so hard.

Same circumstance, different thoughts.

I’m glad my thoughts served me and got me back up to the rock to try-try-again on that fun tree swing. 

Life is good even when body slamming you into the snow. 

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