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Get bored

No one has a chance to be bored anymore.

I remember saying to my mom, “I’m bored” and she would say, “Oh I have a list of things for you to do…wash the dishes, clean your room yada yada.” I would groan and go back to my boredom.

When my own kids would say “I’m bored.” my response was always, “ Only boring people are bored. Find something to do.”

Now I wish I would have replied, “Congratulations..good things are coming your way.”

I asked my kids if the grandkids ever say they are bored and they say no…

NOW I’m having new ideas around boredom- especially in our internet-bound - multitasking world.

Boredom is good.

Kids need to find their own boredom. So do we as adults.

If you are always consuming - multi-tasking, listening to podcasts, books, tv, music …. You have no chance to use your own imagination, to create, to tap into your own wisdom. It’s wise every once in a while to shut it down..shut it off…. and sit in your boredom.

My young friend actually took screens away from her 3-year-old. The first couple of days she said it was horrible. SO much whining and complaining and begging. But she stuck to her guns. Now the three-year-old actually plays with her toys. She is in love with her toy horses and has an amazing imagination around all of them. It's fun to watch her and be with her. She's really great at playing by herself and not having to be entertained. She got bored and the other end was imagination.

Go on a walk by yourself, without listening to something in your ear, and see what comes up.

Sit in the uncomfortable …on the other side of boredom …you find you.

Boredom is an opportunity — sit with it— when you get to the other side you can tap into your own wisdom.

When bored the mind reveals itself to you.

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