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Have a Woo-hoo ride!

I love riding my bike with my husband, Wayne.  We often go on a beautiful, scenic trail and a few miles into it there is a tunnel.  It’s dark in there! And because of my prescription sunglasses, which I can’t take off in the tunnel or I can’t see, it’s really dark for me.  I kind of dread it. I have to focus on Wayne’s bike light to guide me through.  Well, this morning as we were in the tunnel, about halfway through, coming towards us was a group of small bikers - maybe 5-10-year-old kids.  When they got to the tunnel I heard screams of “Yeeees!” “Woo-hoo!” "This is awesome!” All of them were thrilled about the dark tunnel. I couldn’t help but smile and give out a little “woo-hoo” myself.   They took a tunnel I didn’t much care for and gave me a new way to look at it.   The tunnel is a necessity if I want to ride this trail, which I do. The dread didn’t help me go slower or faster through the tunnel, I just had to feel an uncomfortable emotion while I was there.  It's much more fun to pedal with abandon and a “this is awesome” mentality. I was always trying to just buckle down and get it over with. (A lot like childbirth?)  Now I’m looking forward to my next ride. 

I’m grateful for these kids and the paradigm shift that happened for me on the bike trail today.   Life has open trails and dark tunnels and it’s all in how we decide to think and feel about it that makes for a great ride.   Need help working on your thoughts? Sign up for a FREE mini session.

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