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Disneyland- the 50% happiest place on earth!

We just LOVE Disneyland. It’s billed as the happiest place on earth. That’s the promise.

My kids get yearly passes and just go and go and go.

My sweet SIL Holly went for her first time at age 42 and she was "in HEAVEN" most of the time.

The last time you went to Disneyland were you happy all of the time?

What about the long lines?

What about the crowds?

What about the heat? or the rain?

What about the disappointment when you didn’t get a good place to see the parade, or one of your favorite rides was closed for repair?

What about the pricing of the food?

Were you happy when your feet were killing you and you were so tired but you promised your kids you would stay till midnight? Happy?

Even with all of the promises of the happiest place on earth, Disneyland is still a 50/50 experience.

50% negative and 50% positive.

Our world and our experience in the world are also 50/50 and that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. That’s what we signed up for.

We are here to love beyond measure and to lose beyond measure.

We are here to feel joy and to feel grief.

We are here to feel connected and to feel alone.

We are here to build incredible things and also here to see them fall apart.

Not accepting this truth brings unnecessary suffering because we are always searching for a Fantasy land that doesn’t exist.

The best part of Disneyland is just being present for all of it.

Knowing your feet are going to hurt by the end of the day, your child or grandchild will have a meltdown, it will be crowded or too hot, or the lines will be long….and so what?


Just Be there. Be present for all of that.

That’s life in Disneyland and in the world.

The human experience….. Let's be all in.

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