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Christmas Adam

Happy Christmas Adam!  

What are you doing on this day before Christmas Eve?  We are celebrating Christmas Adam.

My brother’s name is Adam and he insists on this made up December 23rd holiday because Adam comes before Eve. It’s his holiday with his rules. It goes something like this:

1. Celebrate this day of regret for all of the Christmas things you just didn't bother to do. I.e. Christmas cards, letters , office gifts, neighbor gifts etc. etc.

2. On this day we celebrate the panic we feel when wondering if we got equal amounts of stuff for our children. The answer is, of course, a resounding NO!

3. On this day it is appropriate and required to say something nice about the Dallas Cowboys.  (Adam has been a Cowboys football fan going on 50 years now)

4. On this day you should plan to hit every Ross store in a 100 mile radius so you can buy yourself Christmas presents. You know, like shoes you don't really need , or golf clothing. It's such a great deal you HAVE to buy it. Make sure to run it by the spouse first though so you can get a celebratory eye roll.

5. There is a meal or snack every hour on Christmas Adam. All of these festivities require fuel from foods that are bad for you. Try to eat all of them.

6. For a happy holiday for the whole family, it is important to know where all of the best bathrooms are all of the time. Especially after activity #5.

7. It is very important to wear layers for "Christmas Adam" because if some people get too warm they become more irritating as the holiday progresses. Seriously they act like human spontaneous combustion is a real Thing. It's not - Google it.

8. While enjoying this most festive of holidays remember to spend all day making up your own words to every Christmas carol you know. Except The Little Drummer Boy. It's actually banned on Christmas Adam fact it's just banned, period. Rum pa pum dumb.

9. And finally,  make sure you tell everyone you know and everyone you don't, (total strangers), "Hey, did you know it's Christmas Adam?" Say it in your loudest and most obnoxious voice so everyone in addition to the checker at Costco is sure to hear you. ALL DAY LONG!

I love my brother’s enthusiasm for his holiday.  We all have our versions of what holidays should look like.  My recommendation is to let go of the "shoulds" surrounding Christmas and rejoice in the reality of whatever happens. 

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