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Cairns - follow or not?

While hiking the red trails of Arches National park last week, there were many little cairns along the way.  

Cairns are stacked rocks that serve as guideposts that help hikers stay on the trail.  They show that someone has gone before and thinks this is the best way.  Even though it was a proven path the hike was still difficult.  

In a National Park it’s important to stay on the mapped-out trail; to follow the prescribed path. 

But in life, not so much.  

Our lives can take many different paths.  Some paths will work out, some we can learn from, some we won’t want to do again, some we stumble upon, but all are valuable.

So be open to all of it.  

LIfe is 50/50 and that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.   The 50/50 is all about the contrast of emotion and that without the bad we wouldn’t even understand the good. At times it might be 80/20 or 60/40, but the concept is that it evens out. 

The future is always 50/50 whether you are following the cairns on an old path or trying something new.

Growth comes in the understanding of this.  Growth comes when you don’t fight against this reality, but accept it as part of the human experience. 

It’s good to know we are not alone on this earth, and that others have gone before us, but we can choose which trails to take. 

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