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B- Paint job

I'm in agony. I just got done painting my daughter’s navy blue and cream room into an all-white one. Laila is a minimalist now, she proclaims and just wants white.  I obliged, donned my painting attire, painted for hours and now I’m feeling it in every. Bone. In. My. Body. Let’s just say, I’m not 37 anymore.. or 47… and I’m not as good at monkeying up and down on stools as I reload my paint roller, reaching ceilings, and crawling on the floor taping and painting baseboards.  Every part of my body is throbbing. I think my hair follicles ache too. WHAT HAPPENED?

I have been painting my house for years.  My rooms and halls are actually smaller now than when we first moved in because of the amount of paint I've slathered on them. I love color and I love change so my walls have been color-changed over and over again. But never perfectly. 

I have friends who ask me to come and paint with them and I say no. Too much pressure.  I’m a B- painter at best. It’s just paint.  If I don’t have a perfectly smooth wall- oh well.  B-  people.

I can start and finish a project and don’t have to be perfect at it.  

There are other aspects of life that could use a little B- effort.  Just being good enough in many areas of your life would relieve a lot of self-put upon pressure.   This is not an exact science. 50% of the time you will do your very best and 50% of the time just getting something done good enough, is enough.    The key is not judging yourself for the B- times. Just accept it as part of life.    

Allow and embrace the B-.  

The concept of B- work is about getting things done and not getting stuck in perfectionism. 

Even with my aches and pains I know I will paint yet another B- room another day.  It's just how I roll, and I will have plenty of ibuprofen on hand and a hot bath at the end of it all.  

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