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Get off auto-pilot...step into Joy

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

My sister Marcie died at age 54.  She celebrated her birthday in March, felt a lump in April, was diagnosed cancer in May, chemo through June and July and died August 13th. 


Two years before this my mom passed away and two weeks after Marcie's death my dad died. 

It was rough.  I felt like I was spinning out of control.  Why?  Why did my sister have to leave me so young?  Why did she only get 54 years on this earth?  My parents were my rock, and now they were gone too?   This isn't fair.  

 I was on the struggle bus so hard that I owned the bus and I was the driver!  

Of course, I turned to my faith and found a solace there in my Savior, Jesus Christ and his teachings.  Thank goodness for earlier life trials which taught me the value in this and how to access it.  But I was still on the bus.  At this point, I read a lot of books, spiritual and self-help.  I prayed for guidance and answers.  I let myself grieve and turned to daily gratitude, walks with friends and time with family to get me through.  

I was on autopilot just living an okay life, but I knew Heavenly Father wanted more for me, needed more from me.  I was searching for a new way of thinking about my everyday circumstances so I could get off that struggle bus and start living my life again with confidence and purpose.   

Two years passed and in the winter of 2017 I found Brooke Castillo's books and podcast with so much good information and a concept she taught called the MODEL.   I couldn't stop sharing it with my Truman and Landon and anyone else who would listen.   I found Jody Moore's podcast.  Wayne and I traveled to Portland and listened to Jody Moore's podcasts there and back. I binged on it all and it all made so much sense on how to live your best life, and how the brain works which cleared up for me so many things about why life was such a roller coaster ride instead of a clear uphill trajectory.  (The funny part is I had been told of Jody Moore's podcast a year before, but I guess I wasn't ready.)  With all of this guidance, I was off of the bus, done with my pity party and was moving into a new version of me.   

August 2018 I listened to a webinar on what being a life coach is all about and felt a light turn on and clear path illuminate ahead of me of what my next thirty years were going to look like and who I could serve and so I signed up for Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo last fall.  

I recognize this as a series of events orchestrated by my Heavenly Father...and I know He had my back to guide me to where I am today as a Life coach.

I'm determined to make my 50's, 60's and 70's my best decades yet and I know it all starts with managing my thoughts. 

Are you ready for your best years?  

I want to teach and bring this relief and excitement to all of you.  

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