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Perilous times?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

This weekend I was in St. George playing with my cousins at an Air Supply concert singing, “I’m all out of love, I’m so lost without you,” with 400 people in the audience at Tuacahn.

Meanwhile, my husband was going to Costco and other stores stocking up, with 400 frenzied shoppers.

Who was doing this Corona Virus time correctly?



There is no ONE right way of “doing” this interesting time. Please understand that. What is true and good for you may not be for someone else. We can’t control the humans.

We are living in a time of paradox...and as we get older we should get better at holding two opposing things or thoughts at the same time. There will be deaths during this time, there will also be births. There will be worry and joy. These next few weeks will be hard and can also be wonderful.

One idea for getting through this time of paradox is to write down everything you are thinking about. All the things you are worried about etc... Then say “thank you brain for functioning normally,” and realize what you can do something about and the things you can’t. The things you can’t-- the thoughts and questions that you have no answers to, put in a metaphorical box that you place at the Savior’s feet, or a box that you give back to the Universe.

I have used this practice throughout my life many times. For example, I have questions around my LGBT kids and my church that there are no good answers for, things that I can’t control, so I put this in a metaphorical box and give them back to Jesus. This practice really helps me stay calm and peaceful and ready to embrace whatever life looks like.

Remember: there is no ONE right way to do any of this.

Lead with curiosity and compassion for yourself and for all the humans.

Won’t it be fascinating to see how it all turns out?

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