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Talk to yourself, don't listen.

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

You know that voice in your head. The one you think is in charge? The one you think is telling you the truth? It's not.

If your brain is talking to you and offering thoughts of my body is so gross. I am so out of control. I just keep eating everything. There is something wrong with me. You can accept all of this as fact. But thoughts are not facts .... and they are only a problem if you listen to them and believe them. So don't listen to those thoughts and don't believe them. Instead, talk to your brain, and say, Bodies are funny looking. My body serves me and I had an hour of over eating, but that doesn't make me a bad person.

Talking to your own brain is a skill you can learn like any other.

If you haven’t achieved everything you want in life yet, it isn’t because you aren’t capable, or smart, or lack talent, or skill.

It’s because you’re listening to yourself instead of talking to yourself. You're letting your brain be your own worst enemy.

Your brain wants to avoid pain, have instant gratification and be efficient. Setting a goal and working on achievement is not something it wants to do. It will offer all sorts of thoughts on why success is not a good idea.

You’re letting your brain and its 60,000 thoughts a day be in charge and put you on defense.

Your thoughts are running around like an unsupervised toddler with a sharpie - offering up all sorts of terror and bad ideas. BUT............ take charge of that toddler. Take the sharpie away. You don't have to listen to any of the "toddler" thoughts that don't serve you.

If you want to succeed – whatever that looks like for you – you have to learn how to turn the conversation around.

You have to talk to yourself more than you listen to yourself. This is HUGE!

Let's say your brain is offering thoughts about being behind in work and why bother anyway, your boss never recognizes your efforts. As a result your results in work are less than stellar when you are listening and believing this. Instead you can say, I hear you brain. I'm not believing that today. Today we have confidence and are focused in our work. Your lower brain will quiet down while your awareness upper brain will stay focused and your work results will be better just by talking to yourself and not listening to all of the scarcity driven thoughts your lower brain is offering.

Just know this is how your brain works...and awareness of it is key.

What if the primary way you talk to your brain is as the gentle boss. You aren't asking permission to your brain to do something. You are lovingly telling it what to do.

Talking to yourself out loud is even better. Works twice as fast. It uses more senses to relay the message to your brain.

Don’t waste another day listening when you could be talking – to your brain, yourself, and the world. Get on a FREE mini session with me and we can figure this out together.

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