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Spring Thanksgiving

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Mother's Day is a day of Thanksgiving in the Spring.  

Think about it.  

These holidays are about 6 months apart and really are both days about counting our blessings, joining with family and having food.  

And.....blessings can be counted whether you have a great mom or a just okay mom; whether you are a great mom or a just okay mom;  or you know great moms or just okay all counts.  


.....we are all just human having human experiences and being human mothers.

Many people have issues with Mother's day.

I generally feel that Mother's day is not about me.  It's about my mom, my grandma, my mom in law, and other mother's in my life that I get to love on that day.  I can have loving thoughts, give gratitude, send a text, a card, a phone call.  It's all beautiful.  I can pause and reflect on how amazing of a mom I had and what a gift she was to me.  I can think on Wanee and what a beautiful, giving spirit she is.  

It's also about my kids getting to experience what I'm describing.  They get to feel what it feels like to appreciate someone.  I want that for them, because of the experience that I know that is. It feels good and it feels like love-- whether that looks like a hug, a card, a phone call, a gift, getting together.... it doesn't matter.  

What matters is taking the moment to feel love. 

I get to feel what I want to feel about me because of my thoughts, not because of what my family members do or don't do for me.    

Make mothers day about love and gratitude.  

Then you can't lose. 

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