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Parent Math doesn't add up

I love watching my kids parent. Sometimes they do it in a compassionate, curious, patient way and sometimes they are pulling their hair out, trying to control and putting everyone in time out. It’s fascinating.

I try and take my grandkids away once a week for some Meema time— and to give their parents some quiet. I find myself as a grandparent much more loving and peaceful than I was as a parent.

Parenting… I right?

I used to think you could tell a good parent by the way their child turned out. Now I know better.

I’ve seen “good parents” have children who end up in prison and “bad parents” whose kids are contributing to society.

The parent math doesn’t add up.

You can tell a good parent by how the PARENT turns out; how the PARENT shows up to parent whether the child is willing to learn, accept, obey and follow or not.

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