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My marriage is awesome!

I celebrated my 38th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday. It felt like an accomplishment. I met my husband-to-be when we were Sophomores at Bountiful High School and our life together has been good and hard, joyful and tragic, magical and disappointing, exciting and tear-filled. It could take on the title of one of my favorite books: “The Agony and the Ecstasy.” Basically, it’s been 50-50. AND….. my relationship with my husband is an amazing one because I TELL MYSELF THAT.

Want to know the key to a long marriage, or a healthy friendship or having a wonderful anniversary? It’s the story you tell about it. Your circumstances really don’t have that much power over you. It’s the way you choose to think about these things in your life that really cause the experience you are having. So tell yourself a good story. Work on this daily, like drinking water or brushing your teeth. Remember, the thoughts you have about yourself and your relationships are not facts...they are thoughts. They are just sentences in your brain. You think they must be true simply because you are thinking them. BUT You have permission to change these thoughts; to tell the story that best serves your relationships. Choose to get better at the story you tell yourself about your relationships, especially the ones you want to keep. Do it every day. The story is powerful. Move to curiosity and compassion for you and your loved ones. Drop the resistance. Lean into love. My 38 years of marriage have been awesome! It’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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