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My closet taught me this...

Thoughts are literally like the clothing in your closet.

Sometimes I stand in front of my closet, deciding what to wear, and my brain says: It’s comfortable but you wore it yesterday. Nah, this is not the right season. This doesn't fit you well. I don't like this outfit. This has a hole and really needs to be tossed out. Oh, this! Yes! This is what I feel like wearing today.

Our thoughts are the same. Some serve of us. Some don't. Some are comfortable. Some are ready to be tossed out. Some are perfect for recycling. Some still fit. Some don't feel right. Nothing to be afraid of, just notice and get curious and decide what you want to do with it.

You can change your thoughts at any time.

You are in charge of your thoughts - thoughts are not in charge of you.

Any thought you don’t like, thoughts that aren’t serving your life, you can discard, and try on something new.

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