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Life is a puzzle

I just finished my 5th puzzle while I am self-isolating.   Putting a puzzle together is one thing I can control.  There's a lot to learn about life when we are puzzling.  When I do a puzzle I gather like pieces together and do the border first and then work on color or picture chunks. As I move along there are always pieces that just don’t seem to fit anywhere.    Do I throw those pieces away, or scrap the entire puzzle because it just doesn't make sense?   NO.   I keep working on the puzzle, even when it gets frustrating as puzzles do.  I keep at it even in the messy middle.  Eventually, it all works out, and the “don’t fit anywhere pieces,”  are needed to complete the picture. We finish puzzles because we have Trust in the puzzle maker and KNOW that it will all work out. Life is a puzzle.   This time of Corona is happening for us, even if we don't know what that means.....yet.  The puzzle pieces will all make sense eventually.  I have HOPE that this is true because it makes all of the STUFF we are going through feel so much better.    Puzzles help me remember this. Starting on my 6th one today.

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