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Would your rather be right or happy?

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

I had a client who continued to point to her childhood to prove what a mess she was and why her kids are messed up now. She argued her father shamed her over her weight and that's why she's heavy. She argued her weight is all tied up to her self worth. She argued that things never worked out for her. No matter what I said to her about how this story could change and she could find happiness, she would rather be "right."

Sometimes we argue for our story.

Our story that is causing us so much pain.

We argue for it because of how our brains are designed to want to be right.

 It's amazing.

We argue:  I have no friends.   Nobody likes me. 

We argue:  I can never lose weight.  I am a worrier.  My children don't want to be around me.

What is your brain arguing for?

Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

Choose thoughts that serve you.

I learned a lot in my childhood. 

It doesn't matter what my father said, that's in the past. I'm not a victim, I'm the hero of my story. 

I don't have to make my childhood define me.

I can choose to think about it however I want.   

My weight is just a number indicating gravitational pull on my body. 

I am of infinite worth and completely lovable. 

I am worthy. 

Things always work out for me.  

I have friends. 

I will have more friends. 

I am friendly. 

I like people and people like me.   

I like me. 

I'm 100% lovable. 

Life is good.   

It's possible I can lose weight. 

Weight doesn't define me.  

I don't worry. 

Worry does no good. 

I will use my energy other places. 

I will trust. 

I know things will work out.  

Life is 50-50 and that's how it's supposed to be.

My children are on their own journey. 

I can love my children without having them near me.   

I am awesome just as I am. 

My children are awesome just as they are.  

If you want to learn how to choose thoughts that serve you and lead a happy life....get on a FREE mini session with me.

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