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Laila has a crappy dog

Laila's dog just pooped down stairs. In my house. I can't stand it. I know Jet is only a five month old puppy, but he's got to figure his life out. He needs to do his business outside if he wants to stay in my good graces. I tell him this over and over and give him every opportunity to ring the dog bell and be let out, and yet he leaves his deposit at the bottom of the basement stairs.

What's up with that?

Learning new things for a dog can be hard.

Breaking old habits in a dog can be hard.

But I'm not going to give up on Jet( or Laila) and just say, "Oh well...this is where he likes to dump." NO! I'm going to continue to work on training, building habits and neuro pathways in Jet's head so going outside is his preferred potty place.

The same is true for all of us. ( Not the bathroom issues... just the brain stuff.)

We can all be trained to learn and do new things or break old habits.

Our brains are amazing super computers and they can also be our worst enemy. Our lower brain wants to keep us small and avoid pain. The L.B. ( lower brain) want us to take the path of least resistance and expend the least amount of energy. L.B. tries to persuade us that change is hard and not worth it, but our super computer pre frontal cortex knows that's not true.

Laila and her baby dog JET-- he's not smoking, just chewing on a stick

Who we are is not who we have to be. We can wire ourselves however we want to be wired. Every day we have the potential to change our minds and to start a new thought which brings new results.

We can teach a dog, old or young, new tricks.

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