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I'm a Whole Can Woman

I like to fly on airplanes.

I read a lot and people watch and I’m okay sitting in cramped quarters with not much leg room.

What I don’t like is the ½ can of soda that I get from the flight attendants. I didn’t know there was another way until I flew with Wayne one time and he said very politely, “May I please have the whole can?” What? That’s an option? Nobody gets the whole can, Wayne...You get three splashes in a Dixie cup. That’s how it works. Everybody knows that. But the flight attendant said, “ Sure.”.... and handed Wayne the whole can just like that!

All these years I had been settling for 1/2 a can.

Now I ask for a whole can and a cup of water too. (I’m thirsty.)

What we can learn from this ½ can to whole can experience:

Speak up and ask for what you want in a kind way. They can either say yes or no. It’s no reflection on you if it’s a no, and it might be a yes.

Challenge your thoughts. What are other areas in your life that you just do what you’ve always done? How clean does a house really have to be? Do children and women really have to go first? What is the importance of sitting down at dinner every night and can you do this a different way? Do the dishes have to be cleaned up right after dinner or can you sit and talk? Gender roles? How much is too much time on Social media? Is TV watching good? Do you have to do the same things on holidays that you’ve always done? Why? Is there a better way to get to work?

Allow for Growth. You can tell whatever story you want about your life, so make it a good one. As I live and love through the good, the bad and the ugly years, I’m going to tell the story where I learn and grow instead of get stuck and play the victim. I can look at my ½ can years with compassion and curiosity and enjoy that I’m a whole can woman now.

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