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Don't hit your cousin

My nephew Jordan was learning to ride a bike. We were all watching him practice on his two-wheeler while my 4-year-old Addison was on his training-wheeled bicycle riding around in a very large, empty parking lot.

I can still hear my sister Marcie say nicely at first and then a little louder and finally screaming, “Don’t hit Addison. Don’t run into Addison. Don’t hit your cousin!”

Guess what happened?

Jordan plowed right into Addison. There were tears and scraped knees and elbows all around.

The parking lot was a wide-open space.

Jordan didn’t intend on hitting Addison, nor did he want to, but the more he was told not to do something, the more his brain focused on it and the end result was a mess.

What we focus on we will find. And we are automatically wired to focus on the negative.

Focus on lack of money.

Focus on how the world is falling apart.

Focus on sugary food.

Focus on not being enough.

Focus on being lonely. Your brain is wired negatively for survival purposes. It’s just how it is. Your brain thinks by pointing out all of the things wrong with you, other people, and your world, it’s keeping you alive. Your brain is mistaken.

The good news is you can override this lower brain and move into your higher brain.

It takes some practice, but it’s well worth it.

Focus on wide-open, empty parking spots while riding your bike, and that’s where you will go instead.

What are you focusing on?

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