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Be who you want to be

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

This was my grandma “holding court” in her gazebo. We loved having her around for 94 years!

My Grandma Butters was the BEST!

Now I know most people think this about their grandma’s but truly she was.

She had a swimming pool in her backyard that we all grew up in. We were there swimming at least three days a week, every summer holiday and any time we could convince my parents we needed a grandma sleepover complete with night swimming and flooding the bathhouse by plugging up the shower drain and making our own little hot tub. Grandma was always a good sport about all of this.

Grandma was so gracious about sharing her pool. So many summer office, ward, family, birthday, and neighborhood parties were held there. I attended many, entertained at some and also served and cleaned up at quite a few. I recall many a party where my grandma would jump into her pool fully clothed. Everyone would gasp and laugh. She would swim around, float on her back, squirt water out of her mouth then get out and take her bows as she dried off. It was always a big hit and really got the party going and people swimming in her pool who otherwise might not have.

Grandma never got caught up in what other people thought of her.

Probably through age and wisdom, she learned that it really didn’t matter.

What matters is what you think of you.

How do you want to show up as a mom, wife, grandma, employee, spouse etc..

Who do you want to be?

How do you want to be remembered?

My Grandma was good for a laugh or a love. Sometimes I catch myself doing things that she would have done…. a little "jig" for the grandkids; embracing embarrassing moments like exercising if she happened to fall down just to take advantage of being on the floor; singing the "garbage" notes in 4 part harmony; trying to keep it "light" at ward choir practice; paying for the "gourmet" shoes; getting the sweater with the design that goes all the way around and not just on the front; celebrating when a baby drinks out of a straw and sneaking diet coke to a baby; jumping into a pool fully clothed.... all Grandma Butters stuff.

This is me at a YSA swim party channeling my Grandma.

What do you think of you? Think good thoughts about yourself.

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