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Don't Have Fun. Be Fun

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Laila just left for an end of school party.  She's full of angst about who will be there?  Will anyone talk to her?  Will it be boring?   As she left I said..."Be fun!"   I used to say have fun, but no more.

 Summer holidays are coming up!

TIP: Instead of trying to “have” fun,  let's focus on “being” fun.

I am going to go to a party and be fun.   That's different than having fun or being the fun for everyone else.  This thought is for me and what I bring to the moment.  Everyone else has their own thoughts and feelings and if they want to be unhappy or bored or anxious that's their deal, I can still be fun if those are my thoughts.

I am going to make Father's day, 4th of July and Pioneer Day and my birthday the most fun I have ever been.

I am going to be fun when I hang out with my kids and grands.  Fun when I interact with my friends and relatives.

I'm not going to let the circumstance or lack of plans dictate my mood.  I'm going to be fun whether I'm sitting at home or hiking a mountain or seeing a movie or sitting in a pool, or having a cookout, or biking.  All of these situations are neutral and I decide what thought and feeling I want to wrap around it.

Let's take responsibility for what we bring to each moment.

Be the fun you have. 

No one's in charge of that but you.

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