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Are you offended by this?

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

I bet you don't have a picture of your mother hanging in your garage.

This is my mom and she had it taken in her 50's for my dad and yes it's supposed to hang upside down.  My dad loved it but hid it behind his bedroom door because he thought it was too racy.  His words, not mine.   

On my dad's death bed he pulled me over to say something really important--

"What dad, what?"

"What are we going to do with mom's pornographic picture?"  I couldn't believe out of all the things this was his concern. 

I leaned in real close and said, "Oh don't worry about it.  I'll take it."  

He said, "You can't just throw it away or give it to the goodwill, so what will you do with it?" 

I told him. " We will stand it by your casket at your viewing and then I will hang it in my garage."  

His eyes got big and he smiled.  

I found a small copy of the pic and tucked it into his casket and then hung Mom up in my garage.

I was true to my word   

My mom's racy picture is on display.  

Some people are offended by it and say some interesting things. 

I choose not to be offended by them.

I don't make what they say mean anything about me or her.

People say crazy stuff. So what?

People don't know my dad or the above story and that I'm keeping good on a promise to a dying man.   

People don't know what they don't know. Not a problem. 

I take no offense over this.

Offense is a useless activity, one I'm not participating in.

I'm choosing to never be offended again, by anything. No matter what anyone says.

I'll just smile, wink and move on. 

I've got my own back...(and my mom's front)

If you are tired of feeling offended all of the time.... get on a Free mini session with me and let's talk. No offense, but everyone needs a life coach!

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