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Are you having a FUN summer?

The ability to actually create your life is yours.  Even when it comes to having more fun.

We had a riot at our Family Bear Lake trip. Think 14 people in a 10 person condo with no walls and four "white noise" fans on all night to cover up the crying babies. We didn't let this stop our fun. We just rolled with all of it and enjoyed the boating, water fights, sand castle making and family time more.

If you’re not having fun, you may want to check in with your thinking about how fun is created. 

Two people can be at the same event and one has fun and one does not.

It all depends on your thoughts.   

If you’re NOT having enough fun, you first have to ask yourself why.

Is it that you wait to be asked?  Wait to be invited? Wait to have fun?

What happens quite often is you wait for others to invite you. 

You wait and you wait.

And then you complain that nobody invites you, or that you have nothing to do, or that your life is boring.

I bet it is!


Do you just create the fun time?

Poppa Wayne having an epic water fight with the grand kids

Just imagine what it would be like if you made fun things happen!  Imagine if you looked around your life and brought a fun, open attitude to all of it.  This is half the battle.  BE Fun...don't just have fun. If you have a fun idea and put yourself out there,  and you invite others, they might say “no.” This can feel pretty vulnerable. They aren’t saying no to you, they are saying no to the event or to the timing.    You can have fun with or without them. I hope you are having a blast. ___________

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