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100 reasons for ME to love ME

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

100 Things I appreciate about me or 100 reasons for me to LOVE me.

This isn't about thinking about my self more, this is about thinking about my self differently - more positive and appreciative so I can think about myself much less.

This is  true confidence!

1. I'm a good mom who accepts and loves my kids exactly as they are

2. I have a lot of friends

3. I gather my extended family

4. I'm a dark chocolate lover

5. I enjoy sex with Wayne

6. I exercise and walk at least three times a week.

7. I love to travel

8. I enjoy a long airplane ride- with a good book or movie

9. I perform on the stage

10. I sing in church and at funerals

11. I reach out to others and go to lunch at least once a week.

12. I enjoy a good, long hug

13. I love teenagers

14. I make a great Sunday Dinner

15. I make time for swim days.

16. I love to read self development books

17. I love to read historical novels

18. I love a hot bath- or a hot tub

19. I'm spontaneous

20. I know how to be fun, I bring the fun

21. I get my hair done and my makeup on every day, even if it's only from me

22. I'm a good teacher

23. I can sew

24. I paint

25. I have good priorities

26. I love to shop for bargains

27. I'm a positive person

28. I'm kind

29. I like to decorate my home

30. I love my husband on purpose

31. I can do hard things

32. I'm an excellent speaker

33. I love to laugh

34. I have amazing hair

35. I a testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ

36. I have a great sense of direction in a mall or shopping center

37. I birthed 4 babies

38. I went through the adoption process for my 5th baby

39  I'm not afraid of other people's judgements

40. I have shapely legs

41. I don't watch the news

42.  I'm a person others want to be around

43.  I try new things

44.  I love learning

45.  I love going to movies

46.  I don't hang on to grudges

47.  I'm a good coach

48.  I'm a self starter

49.  I laugh out loud at movies and plays

50.  I believe Heavenly father's plan for me is perfect

51.  I enjoy road trips

52.  I don't think I'm better than anyone else

53.  I am a great sleeper

54.  I am close to my family

55.  I'm obsessed with human behavior

56. I love a good tv show

57  I'm not afraid to ask for help

58. I'm close to my Mother in law

59. I love to work

60. I'm open minded

61. I'm not easily offended

62. I make decisions easily

63. I'm not a worrier

64. I sing loud in my car

65. I love my life

66. I can perform "a goose that laid the golden egg" spoonerism

67. I keep a journal

68. I wrote a book about my children

69. I wrote three  children's books

70. I love sunsets

71. I love going to spiritual/ self improvement conferences- TOFW

72. I take meds for depression

73. I love the sun

74. I road bike for miles and miles and love doing this with Wayne

75. I play with my grand kids

76. I am forgiving

77. I enjoy a Maverick run

78. I keep a clean home

79. I can make chocolate chip cookies without looking at a recipe

80. I continue to mess up my right and left hand

81. I love a good nap

82. I'm managing my brain

83. I love Bear lake time- or sitting on any beach

84. I'm an on time person

85. I enjoy church meetings

86. I have a testimony of the gospel

87. I do date nights with Wayne

88. I love kanasta

89. I love my bed

90. I can say the alphabet backwards

91. I love listening to Wayne's stories over and over

92. I'm funny

93. I'm a record keeper

94. I love funky shoes

95. I love my body

96. I love Broadway musicals

97. I love watching my kids on stage

98. I am my kid's biggest cheer leader

99. I knit

100. I set goals

Your Turn...

Learn to love your self, your people and your life. Get on a FREE mini session with me.

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